Michael-Sowa-Paintings-amelie-15593272-350-413If you read this post, you probably know that Amélie is one of my favourite films.I’ve watched it like 15 times, in English, Italian and French. I never get tired of it, I simply adore this film…and I know I’m not the only one. That said, if you’ve seen it even once, you’ve probably noticed the wall artworks hanging on Amélie’s bed and the pig lamp. Have you ever wondered whose artworks are these? Read More


If you know me a bit, you’d probably know how much I’m into vintage and how it  is at the heart of my collections, in fact, the exclusive use  of authentic vintage  parts  are  hallmarks  of  MAYLILY’s   signature  look!  So, when I came across Leonardo Chiti and his brand Deuda Vintage, I thought I just had to write about and share it with you. Read More

PureLondonLiveLoveCreateInspire1Hello everybody! After a short vacation in UK, I’m back.  Two weeks ago I attended Pure London, the most famous and popular fashion show of UK, at Olympia Exhibition Centre. It was a great experience, the place was amazing (click here to read more about Olympia story) and I had the chance to meet many new talented designers.  Also, I attended most of the fashion and marketing seminars which were very interesting. Here you find some pictures of the brands I loved most. I will talk through in the next days.  Read More

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