I think that if colours were people, grey would be a serious, steady, grumpy, maybe a bit boring, person. On the contrary, yellow would be a contagiously happy, outgoing, lively one. Probably because opposites attract, grey and yellow are a match made in heaven!

grey and yellow are a match made in heaven

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tomboy style

The word Tomboy is first recorded 1590: “wild, romping girl, girl who acts like a spirited boy”.In fashion, Tomboy style came in time of the Roaring Twenties. According to “Tomboys: a literary and cultural history” by Ann Abate”while flappers were infamous for their possession of their hyper-feminine qualities like wearing short dresses and being flirtatious, they were simultaneously known for being boyish, and, frankly, even tomboyish.”

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If you know me a bit, you’d probably know how much I’m into vintage and how it  is at the heart of my collections, in fact, the exclusive use  of authentic vintage  parts  are  hallmarks  of  MAYLILY’s   signature  look!  So, when I came across Leonardo Chiti and his brand Deuda Vintage, I thought I just had to write about and share it with you. Read More

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