Gallery walls are a great, beautiful and rather inexpensive solution to add personality into your home. Need inspiration for creating your own? Have a look at these beautiful galleries and get inspired!

20 Inspiring Gallery Walls

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stay creativeDo you know what a creative person’s mind feels like? ‘Imagine a browser with 2857 tabs open. All. The. Time.’

True story. This is exactly how it feels. Being creative is a way of life. TrueBut sometime we stuck. You know, the writer’s creative block. We’ve all been there. So, what do you do to stay creative? I’ve collected a good numbers of inspiring tips during the years, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.   Read More


Looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to give your bedroom a new look? The best way is to renew bedlinen. Bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers not only “dress” the bed but the whole room. So, if you wish to update the style of your bedroom without spending a fortune, keep reading… Read More


A great way to liven up small spaces are mirrors: hang them on a wall, or  just prop them on the floor.  Mirrors brighten up any room, as they reflect light, and this is perfect for small spaces which appear larger. Here you find a guide to choose the best mirror or mirrors for your room…  Read More

decor_with_plants_LiveLoveCreateInspire_kitchenIf you ask me what makes a house a home, I would definitely say plants. Even if I don’t really have green fingers, I do love to have some small and foolproof plants here and there at home (image above, of one of these, in my kitchen) Wondering how to decorate your house or a room with plants? Don’t know where to start from? Have a look at the gallery below and…be inspired! <3 Read More

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