FOOD // Cucamelon (or Mouse Melon)

14783633744_64a9b422ca copiaTo be honest, I’ve never heard about this cute little fruit until last night, when I stumbled upon a picture on Pinterest! It looks like a tiny watermelon, the size of a grape or olive, and tastes like cucumber and lime. At first, I thought it was some genetically-modified hybrid grown in a laboratory, but it’s not. So, what is it? Where can I find it? I was curious and did some research. Cucamelon (Melothria scabra) comes from central America, popular since Aztec times and has been eaten in Mexico for centuries.


Nowadays the seeds can be easily found and growing it is apparently effortless! Sutton sell Cucamelon seeds, they’re available here.

According to Sutton “It can be used in a variety of dishes including salads and salsa.”

I suggest James Wong’s webiste, Homegrown Evolution. He says that Cucamelon “can be eaten straight off the plant, or tossed with olives, slivers of pepper and a dousing of olive oil. Perfect for a quirky snack with drinks – or even popped like an olive in a cheeky martini.”


I also found the recipe of this brushetta on SheEats blog:

cucamelons recipe

Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to taste this cute little one!

Have you ever eaten Cucamelons?


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