FOOD // 10 Healthy & Tasty Smoothies



Do you love smoothies? I do. I love fruit and I love smoothies.

Not only are smoothies healthy, rich in nutrition, they’re also tasty, easy to make and they’re also an excellent way to start to lose weight.

Smoothies are also a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth!  The picture above is by one of my favourite blog,

1. Green Kitchen Stories, the Chia-Raspberry.


(ph. source and full recipe here)


2. Tropical Fruit Smoothie (source and full recipe here)


3. Blueberry Smoothie. Full recipe here


4. Honeydew Smoothie, see recipe here


5. Tropical Sunshine Smoothie. Full recipe here


6. Kale Sunrise Smoothie by Café Johnsonia, full recipe here


7. Raspberry- rhubarb Bellini Smoothie. Full recipe here


8. Brownie Batter Smoothie, see recipe here

strwberry banana

9. Strawberry-Banana Colada Smoothie, recipe here


10. Pomegranate-Citrus Smoothie, recipe here

I’m definitely going to try all of them! What’s your favourite smoothie? Do you have a special recipe you’d like to share? Leave a comment, I’d be happy to hear from you :)


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