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Rustic Style Living Room 1What is Rustic style? How to achieve it? (read moreRustic décor is one of the most loved styles for the home, it is easy to achieve, easy to maintain, it’s inexpensive (sometimes it’s 100% free!) and very relaxing. Personally, I love this style matched to bohemian‘s, which is Rustic Bohemian, but I’ll write about it another time :)

Rustic style’s distinguishing features are the humble and rough nature of the elements used (wood, stone, textiles), usually  recycled elements, think about pallets, fruit crates and beams, this makes of Rustic a very unexpensive and environmentally sustainable style for your home.

Rustic Style Bedroom 1

Rustic Style Pallet

Rustic Style Mirror Frame

Rustic Style Living Room 1

Choose a nature-inspired colour palette: white, cream, wood tones, sky blue

Use natural textiles: canvas, linen, raw cotton, wool

Rustic Style Bedroom 2

Rustic Style Bathroom 1

Rustic Style Bathroom 2

Rustic Style Bathroom 3

Rustic style’s in the details. Instead of a stainless steel bathtub shelf, opt for raw, old look wood one.

Rustic Style Bathroom 4

Rustic Style Kitchen 1 Rustic Style Kitchen 2

Great and almost free kitchen décor: use a tree branch as a pot rack.

This really makes me want to go out for a walk in the woods, if only I could!

I’ll be quite busy in the next days as I’m moving from Italy to UK, I’ve got a brand new home to furnish and decorate, unpack tons of boxes…I’m both nervous and super excited :)

all photos via Pinterest


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