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moroccan_style1_LLCIIf you love a cosy and welcoming home, warm colors, detailed painted tiles, mirrors, cushions, lanterns, carpets…then you’ll love the Moroccan style as much as I do. Continue reading to find out how to create a Moroccan style’s atmosphere at home…cee954c613045552b608cbc08ac83327Moroccan style is a fusion of Arab, Spanish, French art-deco and Berber style, and it’s quite easy to achieve. If you don’t want to theme the entire home you can just add a few accessories here and there: lanterns, rugs, pouffes and cushions, a large silver tray and coloured tea glass.

b507c74061ba7684ca5f01cd757944baA great source of Moroccan style furniture, accessories, and even fashion, is Moroccan Bazaar

moroccan bazaarTea glasses, silver tray and accessories available at  Moroccan Bazaar

white-metal-maychor-chest-of-drawers-wmcd-1-m2white-metal-hexagonal-maychor-side-table-WMST-1-mmoroccan-wooden-frame-mirror-frm-6-mmoroccan-leather-pouffe-black-white-lpf-3bkw-mpouffesMoroccan Bazaar’s Leather pouffes come in many beautiful colours! I love them all! 

four seasons marrakechMoroccan Bazaar Lighting at Four Seasons Hotel in Marrakech (click here to see more amazing projects by Moroccan Bazaar)antique-brass-moroccan-floral-design-pendant-ml302-ab-m

As I mentioned before, Moroccan Bazaar also offers a few fashion items for both men and women. Look at these slippers, they’re just beautiful, aren’t they? They come in many different colours, they’re stylish and affordable. I love them.ladies-moroccan-slippers-black-slip-1bk-m ladies-moroccan-slippers-gold-slip-1g-m ladies-moroccan-slippers-silver-slip-1s-m

Visit Moroccan Bazaar online shop, they have an impressive range of items and they ship worldwide. Or, if you’re in London area, you can visit their 15,000 sq ft warehouse and showroom space in Greenford, West London. (see details here) Furthermore, Moroccan Bazaar will be part of Ideal Home Show at Christmas in London, Earls Court, 13-17 Nov. 2013.banner

Moroccan Bazaar on Facebook  and Twitter. Be sure to follow their YouTube channel, where you can watch beautiful and inspiring design projects, like this one!

  1. Oh, my goodness, I want each and every item on this page! I love this style. So beautiful. I really love your site too. Peace! Jeanne

  2. I LOVE this site, and I want each and every item on this page! The style is simply beautiful. All the best to you! Peace

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