FOOD // 10 yummy Pumpkin recipes

AutumnHello Autumn! Are you ready to fall? <3 It’s official. Summer is over. Not only because the September equinox marked the start of Autumn, but days are actually getting shorter and cooler! aren’t they? And, talking about food, what pops up in your mind when you think of Autumn? I will let this Ned Stark (Game of Thrones) funny image talk  :)

ned stark

yes, autumn is Pumpkin season!

I’ve selected 10 vegetarian, easy and super yummy recipes for you, click on ‘recipe’ to see ingredients and directions. (try not to drool, if you can!)

pumpkin cookies copiaRECIPE

pumpkin risottoRECIPE

pumpkin cannelloni copiaRECIPEpenne_pump_MarthaStewart copiaRECIPE

pumpkin gnocchi copiaRECIPE

pumpkin cauldron soup copiaRECIPEpeekaboo-pumpkin-pound-cake-main copiaRECIPEnutella-filled-pumpkin-doughnut-muffins1 copiaRECIPEpumkpin fritters copiaRECIPEpumpkin pops copiaRECIPE

Bon Appétit! :) xo



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