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If you know me a bit, you’d probably know how much I’m into vintage and how it  is at the heart of my collections, in fact, the exclusive use  of authentic vintage  parts  are  hallmarks  of  MAYLILY’s   signature  look!  So, when I came across Leonardo Chiti and his brand Deuda Vintage, I thought I just had to write about and share it with you. Leonardo Chiti, called The Vintage Style Man,  is one of the most important vintage representative in Italy. He’s been exhibiting in major italian vintage fairs (such as “Next Vintage” in Belgioioso, “Vintage Selection” in Florence, “Arsenale Vintage Market” in Verona, “Padua Vintage Festival” and much more) for ten years now. He’s also the founder of RETRòBOTTEGA, a cultural association based in Verona, and OFFICINA RE-THINK, a creative re-use/recover festival in Prato. Leonardo, ça va sans dire, is one of the greatest vintage collector in Italy: he owns more than 150 jackets, from the 60s to 80s, by Valentino, Armani, Ferré, Dior etc…it’s because of this love for vintage fashion that Deuda is born.  Deuda is not just a clothing and accessories brand but a lifestyle. (Click below to  visit Deuda official website and Facebook page) 



deuDA VINTAGE4Images Deuda Facebook Page

deuda_leonardoLeonardo Chiti 

Keep in touch with Deuda Vintage and Leonardo Chiti to know all the upcoming vintage fairs and festivals:

SARA BIONDI – PR Manager Leonardo Chiti

PRESS OFFICE Deuda Vintage

Fanpage Facebook: Deuda Vintage&Events

Instagram: Leonardodeuda


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