Coup de Foudre // PiP Studio

I came across PiP Studio a couple of years ago and it was love at first sight. A coup de foudre. I love everything, I mean every-single-thing, by PiP Studio: beddings, bathrobes, towels, mugs, tea cups, tea pots, cake stands and the stationery…oh, that stationery! But, before I show you some of the items I love most, let me tell you about PiP. Who is PiP?


“PIP’s real name is Catharina, but everyone knows her by her nickname. PiP designs products she would like to buy if she could find them. All PIP’s products must meet her motto: ‘Happy products for Happy People'” (read more here)

PiP’s designs include a bed&bath collection, stationery line, greeting cards, wallpaper, cushions, mugs, and bags! Let me show some of the items I love (I actually love them all!)


Ok, this is wallpaper is AMAZING. GORGEOUS. WOW! I seriously adore it. “You’ve got mail” wallpaper: yes, I’ve got a crush on you.

Pip bedroom1









These are just some of the items I love (it’s been really hard to pick!) so, I invite you to have a look at PiP Studio webiste. Enjoy!


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