DIY // The Book Headboard


I’m always in search of unique, creative and cheap home décor ideas and today I found this amazing DIY tutorial I had to share it! If you’re a book lover and avid reader as I am, I’m sure you’re going to love it! Click below to find out how to make a Book Headboard (of course, it can be also used as a wall décor in any other room…not necessarily as a headboard)

book headboard2


What you need to make your own book headboard (or wall decor)

books2Of course, you need books. You can find very cheap books at local thrift shops, markets etc for just 1-2 $ each.

Then you need wooden boards, they should be the size you want the headboard.

wooden boards

if you’re going to use it as a headboard, mark the mattress hight. Then, it’s time to set the layout.


Once you’ve decided the perfect layout, mark the books order. Now, hammer books in place:

hammer books

Stick the top pages with double sided tape et voila! Your headboard is finished! Isn’t it just a great, fast and cheap idea? I love it!


[diy tutorial source: Pinterest and muyingenioso]

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