Unusual Houses

Flat? Cottage? Villa? Loft? Where would you live if you could choose?

3amazing treehouse in the woods

river house serbiariver house on a rock in Serbia

198721402277351057_sm6qUMs3_cbeautiful pale blue cabin…

tumblr_ln75y4Yd6Q1qhh7eso1_500stone cottage in Provence

Fig Tree Cottage-Queensland_AustraliaFig tree cottage, Queensland Australia

airstreamvintage Airstream (I SO love to have one!!)

small cabintiny cabin on the water

candy houseCandy House (yum!)

house on the rockanother house on the rocks…Beautiful!

the rock tanzaniaanother amazing house on the rocks, called “The Rock”, in Tanzania.

tree house2tree house. Wow!


6Fairy tale cottage :)

cabin on the beachSmall cabin by the beach+hammock: yes please!

What’s your favourite one? More unusual place to live coming soon…


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