Recycle // The Container House

kalkins-shipping-container-homes1Recycle. Reuse. We often see wooden pallets converted into a sofa or a bed, fruit crates into shelves, old magazines into a stool…but what about converting a shipping container into a real house? If you think that the idea of building a house out of a shipping container is crazy, have a look at these amazing houses…yes, they ALL were shipping containers, once.

Riciclare. Riutilizzare. Spesso vediamo pallet trasformati in diveni o letti, cassette di frutta in scaffali/mensole, vecchie riviste in pouf poggiapiedi, ma avete mai pensato di trasformare un container in una vera casa? Se l’idea vi sembra folle, date un’occhiata a queste magnifiche abitazioni…sì, una volta erano TUTTE dei container. kalkins-shipping-container-homes1House in the house. Designed by New Jersely architect Adam Kalkin this house features smaller individual components that look like a traditional house. Brilliant!kalkins-shipping-container-homes3It also reminds of a dolls house…kalkins-shipping-container-homes2View of the outside. Just beautiful. Definitely my favourite!

shipping-container-house-in-el-tiemblo2“Casa El Tiamblo” is located in Spain, it’s been designed by studio James & Mau Arquitectura and built by Infiniski.

Although the outside is not that beautiful (very raw) the interiors are simply stunning, in my opinion. Modern, stylish and cosy. The kitchen and living area are just beautiful.





five-shipping-containerEven in this case, I don’t really like the outside but the interiors are gorgeous!!! I specially love the aqua walls, of course, and the bohemian style bedroom. And it also has a garden on the rooftop! Project by Homecontainedfive-shipping-containers-into-modern-home3





home-built-with-recycled-shippingThis beach house is located in the Hamptons, New York. home-built-with-recycled-shipping3

container-summer-residenceAnother beach house, this time it’s simpler, rustic and cosy.container-summer-residence5
Not only homes, anyway.

BOXPARK Shoreditch is a pop-up Mall based in the heart of East London.

“BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, creating unique, low cost, low risk pop-up stores. Filled with a mix of fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries, cafés and resaurants – BOXPARK places local and global brands side-by-side, creating a unique shopping and dining destination. BOXPARK is not some run-of-the-mall shopping centre. It’s a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong: on the street.”

I really love the idea!




Opened in 2011 by Roger Wade, who has this ingenious idea: small brands find almost impossible renting a big space in a fancy shopping center and therefore reaching to the general public with their products. With BOXPARK almost any entrepreneur can afford to rent one of the commercial spaces. Brilliant!

(FIY, price for a used shipping container is around $1000 (€1000-1800))


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