MAY it’s not just a month


After weeks of rain, May started with a gorgeous sun (it didn’t last for a long time, but at least it showed up!) and I couldn’t be any happier. This morning, while I was working in my studio with the windows open and enjoying the warmth of the sun, I found myself thinking about MAY. Not just the month itself but the word. MAY. For some unknown reasons, the word May has always been a leitmotif in my life. As a little girl, I used to consider May “the month of Love” (this is a pretty awkward and weird feature: as a kid, I set my wedding day on 5/15 because 15 is my favourite number and 5 because of May!) even if the italian word for May is different (Maggio).


Many, many years later, in 2004, I named my brand MAYLILY, yes of course it’s one of my favourite flowers but more than that because I like the sound of the word…May Lily, it’s so sweetly musical, isn’t it? (I also like Peonies but, let’s face it, the word doesn’t sound that good…) Then, there’s Maylight, a song that I love (I can’t find a video for it, but you listen to it here ) and last, but not least, the Metta Sutta (Loving Kindness-Universal Love). It has nothing to do with “May” the month, of course, but, as a buddhist, it was one of the first things that popped up in my mind while I was thinking about the word “may”. Buddhist Metta is  Universal Love. The Metta-bhavana is the meditation on universal love. If you’re new to this, I highly recommend this reading.



MettaSutta(I’m not sure this post would make any sense for you all but I felt like sharing my morning’s wandering thoughts. MAYbe someone out there could find it inspiring, who knows? ;))



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