Meet the Artist // JONT

When I say that I love all things creative, artistic and inspiring -those I call “candies for eyes, heart and soul“- this includes music. I can’t even imagine to work and create without a background music. One of the things I love most is walking around my town, wandering on the lakeside while listening to some good music: my mind is free and my heart is open…it’s in moments like these that I get really inspired. That said, as you know I love to share all things beautiful and inspiring with you, not only about décor, food and photography, today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite songwriter, Jont. I met Jont in July of 2011 during his italian tour in Liguria. The story about how I came across him and his music is quite bizarre but it would be too long to tell here. What I can tell you is that the very first song I heard was “Another door closes” and it was pure love! This song (with others from his “Supernatural” album) is part of Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. What I love about his songs is that it’s genuine poetry…I never get tired of them. His song are rare gems. Or, candies for heart and soul.  “Exultant exclamatory love-missiles / transparent universal heart songs / intuitive indie-folk” is how he describes his music on his Facebook page. Please take a moment to read his full bio here, I promise it’s worth the reading. Now, the great news is that not only Jont is ready to launch his new album, Hello Halifax (and I can’t wait to listen to it!) but you could be part of it! So, if you love good music and, most of all, if you like to support independent music…don’t miss the chance. Please click here to listen to the new album sampler (I love, love, love the last song in this video!) and read carefully about how to become a torchbearer and “get a download copy of the album immediately, a signed CD sent to you as soon as it is manufactured (with your name printed in the booklet), monthly updates on the album’s progress over the next year and, if you so desire, a personal 3 song Skype concert at a time of your choosing!”


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