10 cosy treats for the Weekend

Another week is over! Any plan for the weekend? If not, take a look at these 10 cosy treats I picked up for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

1- Make Pumpkin and Cinnamon Jam. (Halloween leftovers, anyone?…) Find recipe here2-Antoher idea for Halloween leftovers that can also be great for Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Butter. A very healthy and easy recipe can be found here.3-Make a Doily lace Lamp/Lantern. It’s easy, cheap and sooo gorgeous! I’m definitely try to make one. The original tutorial, step-by-step here.4-Craft some Thanksgiving decoration. Let Pinterest inspire you ;)5-Cut out a brand new pair of mittens from an old sweater. DIY here.6-Crochet yourself a super-fast and super-easy-to-do neck warmer (and a pair of fingerless mittens!)(source)

7-Spoil yourself and try a Pumpkin&Papaya face mask. 8-and try the Avocado&Banana hair mask, too. 9-Feel like Princess Marie Anoinette and make yourself some delicious french Macarons…follow this very easy recipe!10– and last (but could be the first!) make yourself a PERFECT CUP OF TEAI hope’ll enjoy these treats…as always, very easy and simple (LLCI is a fan of simple life, remember?)! Have a great weekend everyone!



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