Amazing Christmas Wrapping ideas

Hello lovelies! Yes, I’ve been away for a while…as I wrote this morning on LLCI Facebook page, a very bad flu kept me in bed for a week but, luckily, today I’m feeling much better  :) The best part of being sick is having a lot of spare time and I used it -besides resting a lot- to crochet. I worked on my blanket and on a new project…but I will talk about it later, as I want to take some proper pics of the result :) I also started to make plan for Christmas: dinner/lunch menu, gifts, decorations, how to set the thing is clear for sure: this Christmas colors will be red and aqua. A kind of homage to my blog colors :) Red & Aqua wrapping (source)                                                                         Inspiration ideas about gift wrapping are almost infinite, especially on Pinterest. So, what I suggest is: choose a leit motiv, a color, a pattern, or a theme…think about a rétro -style Christmas, featuring vintage paper or fabric…it’s your choice! I’d like to show you some of the most inspiring gift wrapping ideas I found:Ok, this is definitely my favourite. I adore white/cream and I adore glass jars. How cute is the idea of “wrapping” a scarf, a pair of gloves, pretty socks or even a sweater into a jar? I love it! Cream and gold, is elegant with a rétro twist. So chic! (pics by JennyLiu)

Brown paper and ribbons is also one of my favourite. This is perfect for your knit/crochet-addict friends! Brown paper and yarn: simple, easy, cheap and so unique at the same time. You can find more inspiring ideas on my Pinterest Christmas board. In the next days (I hope to get well soon in order to take some decent pictures!) I can’t wait share my new works with you, including some handmade Christmas tree decorations…I made a bunch of cute fabric heart and much more! Are you already making plans about Christmas? Feel free to share them, I’d be happy to hear from you :)


  1. giulia said:

    bello! copierò sicuramente qualche idea
    get well soon!

    • ciao! Sono italiana anche io! Grazie per la citazione, vengo subito a sbirciare il tuo blog :)

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