DIY // Crochet Glass Jar Cozy

I’ve been knitting since I was 6 yrs old but, I don’t know why,  I’ve never learned how to crochet. Finally, last week, I forced myself to learn (there are some great tutorials out there!) and guess what? I did it! Yes, I can finally crochet! Of course, the first thing I made was a complete mess but…practice makes it perfect! Well, I’m way too far from perfection, anyway I can happily say I’m pretty proud of me. These are some of the things I made last week.  I didn’t follow any pattern or tutorial for this jars cozy, I invented. I think they’re cute, anyway :)

Now, I’m trying to make some granny’s squares as I’ve been dreaming about making a blanket for so long :) (Sorry for the bad quality, pics were taken with my phone)

Now tell me, do you crochet? Do you have any special project you’re working at? Could you suggest some interesting crochet bolg/artist? Thank you!


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