My week in pics: My Instaweek!

Hi! Happy new week everyone! These are some of the Instagram photos I took last week, My Instaweek in pics.

Last week I met two of my favourite girls, Sonia and Valentina Grispo (aka Grispo Sisters). They’re from Catania, Sicily, so not really close to me ( Catania is more than 1000km from Como) but thanks to their job (they’re both web editors and authors of Spray, a magazine they founded by themselves a few years ago) they travel often to northern Italy and, whenever it’s possible, we meet and spend some quality time together. They’re beautiful inside and out.

And below, me and the girls I worked with on Saturday. We shot a clothing brand lookbook (I will talk about it later, stay tuned!) and I was there to help with the styling. I really had a great time, Chiara, the clothing deisgner, is very talented (and the sweetest girl!) and I can’t wait to show you her collection: I love it and I’m sure you’ll love it too.  XO,


  1. Chiara said:

    Evelyn, thank you so much! I’m so touched! You, your blog and your bijoux are amazing! :)

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