Nigella reveals her diet secrets…

As you probably already know, the 52-year-old English food writer and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson recently showed off an incredible weight loss: Instead of drastically reducing the amount of calories she consumes, as we all probably do when on a diet, Nigella Lawson  revealed that, among her weight loss secrets, are donuts and deep fried chocolate. And drinking lot of water (three litres per day). It’s not all. Nigella also stated: ‘I’m a great believer in fat’ and ‘I like anything in batter or that is deep fried. My view is that you moisturise from the inside.’ Furthermore, Nigella thinks of carbohydrates as her friends!           She said: ‘On the whole your skin and your body and your mind are happier if you have food which is real and not processed bits of cardboard and whatever else it is’. She also said: ‘There is always room for a bit of junk food from time to time but you really need proper food* to feel properly alive.’ source

I totally agree on this last statement, but seriously: how can someone really lose weight eating donuts, deep fried chocolate, baguette and blue cheese? (*is deep fried chocolate to be considered “proper food”?) Anyway, I don’t believe in these “diet secrets” at all…if donuts, deep fried chocolate are her weight loss secrets, why she wasn’t slim before? Uhm. What do you think about it?

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