Tierlantijn goodies are here!

As you might saw here, yesterday I received my first package from Tierlantijn: I was happy as a child on Christmas Day! First of all, I have to say Tierlantijn staff is very kind and helpful, great communication, and delivery has been super-fast! Once I opened the box, I was even more happier: the packaging is beyond amazing. Everything is packed with love and great care, look:

Now, let’s have a look to the content of these nicely wrapped packages: “La Cuisine” plate, a metal ruler, wooden pegs a natural cord and stickers can be easily spotted in the picture above.

Cardboard tags, “With Love” stamp and tape (I’ll definitely use them to make unique Christmas gifts packaging :))wooden pencil case, with pencils and sharpner. Love the quote, one of my favourite.and Jasmin bath-tea bags…need I say more? I adore them. a white plain tin box, I was looking for something like this to store my dog’s food! Now, I need to purchase another one for my cats, of course…and last but not least, this beautiful old-style milk bottle. I don’t drink milk, so I’m using it for orange juice, look at this pic I took this morning (via my Instagram)I will order again soon, maybe it’s a little bit too soon but I think Tierlantijn has great idea for Christmas gifts too…:)

  1. Ilona said:

    Happy to read this very kind respons! Thank you!

  2. Hi Ilona! It’s been a pleasure. I really love your products, they’re so unique! Glad you like the pictures :)

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