Maisons du Monde – Vintage Kitchen inspiration

It’s not a secret that I deeply love vintage/rétro style and I have a passion for interior decorating…and it’s not a secret that I’ve been a loyal fan of Maisons du Monde for years now. I’ve purchased from MdM since 2006, when they only had an e-shop and when, in 2010, they opened the first store in Italy, I couldn’t be happier!! Since I have a brand new kitchen now, I am planning to place an order soon…these are some (of the many!) of the things I’ve fallen for:                   –clic on images to see details

Vintage inspired wall canvas

adorable wall clock (featuring LLCI’s colors!)tin boxes…you know how much I love them if you’ve read this postand what about this magnetic shopping list? this 3d wall canvas is so beautiful, isn’t it? “Real” cups and chocolate, how cute!

and I love this wall canvas so much: I love the color, the cups and the spoon in relief!

I think Ill take advantage of the free shipping promotion (until October 31) to order some new stuff for my kitchen! Yay!


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