FOOD // Veggie Pasta & Omelette

Being a pasta and veggies lover, this is one of my favourite dish. Healthy, quick and easy to cook. I call it “the cheerful pasta” because of its bright and vivid colours. While waiting for pasta to cook, I also made a tasteful veggie omelette.

what you need (for both): two medium peppers (yellow and red), two courgettes, two little onions, 5 cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt, 2 eggs, breadcrum, Parmesan cheese, a drop of milk, pasta.

Time to chop onions! I use this chopper by Martha Stewart.

Now put some olive oil (3 tablespoons) in a large pot, add onions (and garlic, if you like it)Let peppers, courgettes and tomatoes cook for 10 minutes, in the meanwhile, boil some water to make pasta. While you wait for water to boil and pasta to cook, take two eggs and shake them into a casserole, add some of the veggie (they’re completely done but it’s ok)At this point, drain pasta into the vegetables pot, stir well and serve! (I wish you could smell it)

And here’s the omelette!

Bon appétit! E.

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