The Laundry Room

I wish I had a laundry room but, unfortunately, I don’t.  Some of the laundry rooms I see on the web are as big as my entire bedroom (which is a pretty large room!) and all I can do is dream…maybe one day… Ok, let’s stop dreaming and get real: even if all we’ve got is a small room -or a very small corner in the house- this can be easily (and cheaply) well-equipped, practical and good looking at the same time. Idea. I hate those traditional soap’s plastic bottles: they’re ugly and bulky! I funnel liquid soap into clear glass bottles:


Duck’s Egg soap purchased at Pottery Barn in Miamiok, now this is as large as my kitchen!

So, these are some of the many laundry room’s inspiring ideas I’ve found here and there. The laundry dedicated corner in my house is a work in progress (just like the rest of the rooms) and I will definitely look for more inspiration. I’ll keep you posted here and on my Pinterest. I’d love to hear from you, though: are you among those lucky women who have an entire laundry-dedicated room? How do you organize it?

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  1. giulia said:

    gorgeous!! I especially like photo 3

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