Home Office Inspiration

Working from home is a great lush, indeed. I feel grateful that I don’t have to get up unnaturaly early, I don’t have  to go out in the cold, in the rain or snow, or get stuck in the rush-hour’s traffic and so on… Yes, working in the comfort of my home-studio (which is also my craftroom and office) is a blessing but, on the other hand, not having a regular ‘9to5’ job means that I can stay up very late at night (or early in the morning) if I have a deadline. And it happens so often! What can really help, working from home, is a good schedule and being organized, of course.  I’ll talk about scheduling in the next days,  now let’s focus on a well organized home office (or craftroom) that is at the basis of a successful home-based job. A well organized working room can help you to save time!


I literally adore this set!

Ok, this is GENIUS! isn’t it?? Looove it!


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