It’s all about organizing

If you, like me, are affected by the Bree Van de Kamp syndrome. If you like to be perfectly organized, not only at home but always and everywhere (you never know!). If you are obsessed by making lists and survival kits (yes I am!)…please have a look at this stuff: you’ll love it!

Fabric bucket storage, great for storing items in craft and laundry rooms, offices, even play rooms and much more. It folds up when not in use.

Make your own emergency sewing kit by filling the Button Box with needles, safety pins, thread, scissors and a few extra buttons. The button design tells you exactly what this box is for! Great!

Removable office tabs.

folders,  a stylish way to file your  documents and bills.

You will never forget a birthday (or any other important day) with this pretty Birthday book (love the vintage twist!)

Genius! Write your list on ‘Forget Me Not’ sheets  and hang it on the door knob, this will help to make your notes more noticeable!

wow, I love it! Minimergency Kit for Supermoms!

and the minimergency kit for women!

This and much more can be found on Seejanework


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