Lazy Sunday

Hi! The weekend is almost over…how was yours? Yesterday I worked all day on new pieces for the shop, took some pictures and had dinner out with my beau. Today, Sunday, I took it very easy, woke up later than usual, had a very light lunch (tomato salad and fresh cheese) and went out for some shopping…actually, I just needed a new Clarins compact foundation (sun tan has gone!!) and this what I came out with:

Liquid facial soap for dry skin, clarifying lotion, moisturizing cream, eye gel, mascara and yes, a compact foundation! All by Clinique. Cheated on Clarins, yes, but I’m eager to try something different. I have a very sensitive, delicate, dry skin but, at the same time, oily in the T-zone, and finding the perfect cream/lotion/treatment and foundantion is always a drama. So far, I’ve never found something that really works for me (I’ve used Avène fo a while, it’s very good but not the “perfect” for me). The shop girl was so professional, she asked a lot of questions about my skin and suggested this line by Clinique. I will try these products in the next days and will see how (and if!) they work. I’m pretty excited about the compact foundation, too. I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I’ll write about it in the next days. Oh, the shop girl was so kind…she gave me a pouch with a eye gel and mascara for free. The mascara has a curved wand/comb (I usually prefer the classic brush) and I’m curious to try it on and see how it works.


Do you have a perfect skin care product you can’t live without? What’s your favourite brand? Would you like to share your beauty routine secrets? I’d love to hear from you!


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