Bathroom ideas, anyone?

My new home is still a work in progress…the kitchen has to be completed and so are the bedrooms, the living room and the bathroom! I’m always looking for some inspiration, since I don’t really like traditional furniture for the bathroom (at the moment, the only piece of furniture in my bathroom is a white cupboard by Ikea!) and I can’t find anything interesting around…

I found some nice ideas on Pinterest (where else?!) that I really like:

This is a very cheap and beutiful idea, I already want to make something like this on the kitchen wall

and how cute is this? CD storage on its side (I would paint it white, of course)

I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest, so many beautiful and useful ideas on there! By the way, I’m leaving for Canada+USA in a few days, I hope to find something interesting for my house there…of course I won’t be able to purchase a piece of furniture (but never say never!) but I’ll definitely spend a lot of time and money at Home Depot!! Can’t wait!
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