A new life

It’s been a while (almost one year, actually!) since my last post here.

In these months many things happened: I decided to move from Milan to Como, by the lake, looked for a new place, found it, moved and worked a lot in the meanwhile.  I’ve also been lucky enough to travel a bit during these months: I visited Miami twice, I’ve been to Texas (Dallas and Grapevine)…not bad at all!

Finding a new home has been pretty hard but  very exciting at the same time! I was born and raised in Milan but at some point I really felt the need to move to another place, the big city was not for me anymore.

When I started looking for a new place, I made a whishlist and guess what? I found a home  home report that meets –almost- all of my wishlist items! , but has turned in to the most relaxing and beautiful place we’ve ever lived.The wishlist I made when I started looking for a new place included:

–          Pets allowed!!!

–          Old/historic building

–          Close to center but quite

–          Last/final floor apartment

–          Terrace

–          Two/three bedroom

–          Wooden floors

–          Bright

–          Close to the lake

What I found:

–          pets are welcome! yay!

–          early twentieth century building

–          very bright 2 bedroom apartment

–          only 2 minutes walking distance to historic center and lakeside

–          last/final floor of three

–          not a terrace but a cute balcony

–          wooden floor and old blue mosaic in the bathroom

–          and…gorgeous view!!!

I have to say I’m really happy with this new house! We had to buy almost everything new, from kitchen to bedrooms, and it’s taking a while to complete all the works, but…step by step!

Here’s a sneak-peek, I’ll post more pics soon!

Messy hallway. Look at the old radiator, isn’t it just beautiful? I so love them!

View from one of the windows: there are two huge cedars of Lebanon facing our house!

And this is the gorgeous lake, a couple of minutes’ walking distance from the house.

Versione italiana


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